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PostPosted: Fri Apr 22, 2005 6:04 pm 

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If the Father is Anu and He had two Son's Enlil and Enki than wouldn't it go to reason that they are Son and Holy Ghost? I've read of many beliefs that the Holy Ghost is the Mother, and She has been fazed out over time.

However, I find it more plausible Enki is the Holy Ghost becuase either...

1) His role has been the resurected Gods of the past, coming and going,


2) more likely because He was in fact crucifed during his reign (maybe even by the hands of Enlil or His followers) - the end. No longer His Son in flesh because He has passed? Hense Spirit.

What do you all think?

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 10, 2005 3:30 pm 

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Pre-chrisitan or pagan times always had agknowledged a Supreme God & a Sacred Feminen.

The Christian Biblical Father is The Supreme Being- The Holy Spirit may in fact be the Sacred Feminen - and the Son is Jesus. This is known as the Christian Trinity and recognised as one source.

The Gnostics also believe in a Supreme Being. They beleive in a usurper god that created all that is material, and ofcourse the Sacred Feminen.

Since Sitchin's Enki is considered the creater he could be paralleld to the Gnostic usurper god. If these assumptions are true, than Sitchin is implying that Gnostics recognise Enki as the usuper god, possibly (since Chritianity stems from Judaism and Gnosticism) that Enki is the Christian Son of the trinity.

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 21, 2005 4:34 am 
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Now back to the trinity! There are 2 ways to look at it. After reading the 6 books that make up the Earth Chronicles I've come up with this conclusion that I may add to after reading the 2 companion volumes. The 2 different but related trinities are of Enki-Marduck-Nabu and Anu-Enlil-Ninutra although the second trinity can also exclude Anu and include Sin but I'm not totally sure about that. Then again the former trinity can exclude Anu and include Dumuzi but that's a whole 'nother story (which can explain the whole Holy Ghost part of the trinity). I advise everyone to read at least the six books that make up the Earth Chronicles before trying to decipher the enigma of the trinity. I could try to explain the whole basis for my comment but it would require me to write a mini-novel that I don't have the time for at this particular moment.

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