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Author:  drphilxr [ Fri Dec 30, 2005 4:11 pm ]
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Enki is the most likely culprit for the entity known as "yahweh", but i like the anagram analogy with Ea i am Ea as well-...after all they are brothers.

sitchin is known for pointing out near bible code quality levels of meaning that semitic and ancient hebrew writings have, including numerologic.

there is mention of "an old, wise man" who sat quietly by at the inception of the great seal of the united states in the early 1800's, who was thought to be at the declaration signing as well, "seemingly very old and wise" who some people say was Enki. the same snake who was in the gardin of E.DIN

Interestingly, notice how Yawheh gave moses the commandments, destroyed the pharoah and army in the dead sea, championed joshua at jericho, and essentially championed the jewish state in their military battles? Remember, "el" appeared as a towering / glowing cloud ahead of their armies...

I met stichin and have corresponded with him- i got a very strong feeling from his inner circle that he is closely guarding some information, as anyone would really.

We should find the next years very interesting indeed if enki made it to the new world. I wonder if he went to Yale...;-)

Author:  MrPP [ Fri Dec 30, 2005 10:19 pm ]
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drphil: YALE??? Enki/Ea/Yahweh, in the early '70s, was a prof of theology @ Princeton, very busy coaching Einstein & Velikovsky, while, perhaps, making side trips on tours with Sitchin, asking thought-provoking questions. ;-) What god in his right mind would want to be called a Yalie? ;-) He may be the link that I can't solidly nail down. The "Savior from Superstition"??? ;-)

Author:  ArniK [ Fri Jan 06, 2006 2:26 am ]
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I have a hard time imagining Enki sitting by all these years watching human civilization progress. (Assuming one can call it civilization and there has been progress.) Keep in mind, a little bit of him was used to create us if Sitchin is correct. He would naturally want to protect his creations, well, I would if I were in his position. What a conversation it would be to talk with him.

As for Satan, he's mostly a man-created persona who was created by the church for their own purposes of power and manipulation. So, whoever wins writes the histories and makes the other side evil.

I wonder if Enki is proud or aghast of his progeny? (us)

I wonder if God is proud of Enki?

After the flood, the Anunnaki recognized that we were truly blessed by their God and stopped trying to kill us and began to teach us. Brings us right back to the question. The Anunnaki may have represented themselves as gods, and may have done incredible feats, but they themselves had a God they believed in.

Author:  MrPP [ Fri Jan 06, 2006 8:26 am ]
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ARNIK: Good questions!

But don't I remember that they slew one of their own to get the "Anunnaki essence" as an ingredient to make Man? Enki's wife gestated the first in vitro fertilized egg, but I don't recall any part of Enki in the process other than the creation of Man being his idea (to replace their striking gold miners) and as project leader over his sister (who did all the "biology").

Other than in his novel, where does Sitchin give any reference to or evidence of the "God of the Anunnaki"???

Author:  ArniK [ Sat Jan 07, 2006 4:20 am ]
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Yer gonna make me look it up? Wahhh. Fine, I'll go do my research and post later this weekend. I remember the statements from the novel and sure hope I haven't let that contaminate the purity of my recollections of the other books.

(college football season is over, I have time to do other things again, like this board) (Go Ducks)

Author:  MrPP [ Mon Oct 22, 2007 11:18 am ]
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Arnik: on 1/7/06, you said you'd look up the source of the "essence" of the 'naki which was used to create man. what did you find??? as i recall, they killed one of their young, strong soldiers and extracted his essence. this has always bothered me. it wouldn't have been necessary to kill one of their own to get sperm - or even bone marrow. i'm befuddled.

Author:  angelmir [ Tue Mar 17, 2015 3:24 pm ]
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Hi, everyone!
Cheers! :D
I am new to this Forum and I was led here by the exact question everyone here is asking, concerning the real identity of Yahweh. I have read several of Sitchin's books over the years, and I have to say it, when I think about our ancient history, Zecharia Sitchin's work is still where my search starts from.
From my understanding, according to Sitchin, Abraham came from a lineage of clergymen who were VERY devoted to ENLIL, directly from Nippur! His father left Nippur to live in Harran. He also states that when Marduk invaded Harran, Abraham was requested to LEAVE Harran to help protect the SpacePort in the Sinai Region - to help protect the SpacePort FROM MARDUK AND HIS SON NABU! So I do not see how Yahweh could be Marduk. (Wars of Gods and Men)
When the hebrew left Egypt, led by Moses, they were also fleeing from the Pharaoh's rule - the Pharaoh was a representative of Ra-Amon, who was also Marduk!
Even when you talk about the Hebrew Bible calling the guy who led Adam and Eve to sin Satan, one cannot help but think that the bible is trying to distort the image of Enki, our real direct creator, with his sister Ninmah, as a bad guy. This Yahweh guy is apparently trying to steal "authorship" of the human creation, as he is on many other occasions trying to "take ownership" for things that other gods did. Is this something that a REAL GOD would need to do?
Interestingly, Yahweh claims to be the "only real God of gods", but why does he change the general rules so little? In facts, he keeps MOST of the ruling system given to us by the Anunnaki with very few changes! Most basic stuff remains the same!
Another interesting thing is that we can notice that Yahweh apparently helped the Hebrews on several occasions being present on site with them(like several Anunnaki gods before him), such as when Jericho was invaded, or as when the the Assyrians tried to take down the Temple of Jerusalem with a BIG ARMY, but Yehwah was there and took them down. But the other time they attempted to do this, they destroyed the Temple and easily walked into the Holy of Holies almost as an insinuation that they knew Yehwah was not there anymore!!! (End of Days) So indeed I really have the impression that Yehwah was no more than one more of the "ET-gods".
Strangely and differently from the other Anunnaki gods before him, Yehwah didn't allow himself to be actually SEEN by humans.
This poses some intriguing questions:
1) Could Abraham be loyal to any other than Enlil himself or one of his descendants? Could Yahweh have deceived Moses by posing as a member of the Enlilite clan?
2) Was Yahweh an Anunnaki or ANOTHER RACE trying to take over?
3) Why didn't Yahweh allow himself to be seen by humans as the Anunnaki?
4) Why did Yahweh "coincidentally" leave the face of the Earth at about the same time the Anunnaki did???(End of days)

In "End of Days", Sitchin explicitly demonstrates how Nannar/Sin was actually the direct influence for the Muslim "Allah". when the last Babilonian king, Nabucona'id, is exiled from Babylon and flees to the area that nowadays is known as Saudi Arabia. Sin was the God of the Moon and this Moon symbology is shown everywhere in the Muslim culture.

Author:  LEANDER01 [ Mon Apr 06, 2015 9:06 pm ]
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There is another possibility here regarding the name Yahweh.

It roughly translated by Strong's Concordance from root words/terms meaning to "exist" and "holy".
It is first used in Genesis in distinct relation to Elohim.

Elohim should be translated as "Gods" (plural) - From Strong's Concordance.

In the first chapter it is always simply Elohim (or Gods). In the second chapter it becomes Yahweh Elohim
or Yahweh Gods.

Could it not be that the writer was distinguishing between the "Gods" (unnamed) in chapter one and
the "existing holy" Gods in chapter two? ie -Those Gods that were on the earth and with whom the writer
was familiar. It was these "existing holy" Gods that created man.

Perhaps the name Yahweh then became the name of the Jewish God simply because the term was taken
out of context. The name Yahweh then is the collective name referring to any and all the Anunnaki deities
This would explain its use in combination with Elohim (Gods plural) many many times in the Bible.

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