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PostPosted: Sun Mar 03, 2002 5:54 am 

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<b><u> Hyperdimensional Physics & WHY We Are Warming..and WORSE! </b></u>

Admittedly, for ease of reference I am quoting large portions of this following post on <a href=""> "Entererprise Mission"</a>.

I have a long held belief (though not certainty) of our having gained a grasp of the "Holy grail" of Physics, otherwise known as the "Unified Field Theory", uniting magnetism and gravity. This is part of the reason why:

Whittaker, a leading world-class physicist, has worked at uniting "gravity" with the more obvious electrical and magnetic components known as "light."

Whittaker accomplished this by demonstrating mathematically that "the field of force due to a gravitating body can be analyzed, by a spectrum analysis' as it were, into an infinite number of constituent fields; and although the whole field of force does not vary with time, yet each of the constituent fields is an undulatory character, consisting of a simple-disturbance propagated with uniform velocity ... [and] the waves will be longitudinal (top) ... These results assimilate the propagation of gravity to that of light ... [and] would require that gravity be propagated with a finite velocity, which however need not be the same as that of light [emphasis added], and may be enormously greater ..." (Op. Cit., "On the partial differential equations of mathematical physics")

This, to most is "Theoretical" physics".. and most dont see how this would apply to their daily lives. HOWEVER we *MAY*, in fact, currently be seeing the ACTIVE implications linking gravity and its resolution into radiated energy.

It is this radiated energy recognized as a "new" source of energy -- in a far more "controlled" context -- that seems also to be responsible now for not only the "anomalous infrared excesses" observed in the so-called "giant outer planets" of this solar system.

The radiated energy, seen in infrared, is the same source of energy that, must now be primarily responsible for the radiated energies of stars ... including the Sun itself. Astrophysical discovery of "<a href="" target="_blank">glowing planets</a>" -- planetary bodies which shine in the infrared via <i>internal</i> energy sources, not just by reflected light -- stems from completely unexpected ground-based telescopic observations of this solar system, beginning in the mid-1960's: the startling detection of "<a href="" target="_blank">anomalous internal infrared radiation</a>" coming from the planet Jupiter. Later <i>Pioneer</i> and <i>Voyager</i> insitu spacecraft observations across the 70s and 80s added the other "giant planets," Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, to the list of solar system worlds that -- somehow,without internal nuclear fusion processes, like stars -- <a href="">still manage to <i>radiate more energy out into space</i> than they receive directly from the Sun</a>.

The giant, "anomalously radiating" planets of this solar system (and some major moons) have been studied in an attempt to understand their anomalous IR radiation, one thing has become clear -- to a first order, the "infrared excesses" of the giant planets all seem to correlate very nicely with one parameter each has in common -- regardless of their individual masses, elemental compositions, or distance from the Sun:

....Their total system "angular momentum."

The mass of a body and the rate at which it spins, in classical physics, determines an object's "angular momentum." In the Hyperdimensional Model, its a bit more complicated -- because objects apparently separated by distance in this (3-space) dimension are in fact connected in a "higher" (4-space) dimension; so, in the HD model, one also adds in the orbital momentum of an object's gravitationally-tethered satellites -- moons in the case of planets; planets, in the case of the Sun, or companion stars in the case of other stars.

<img src="">
<b>Graph of Angular Momentum Vs Specific LUMINOSITY</b> for Planet Bodies.

<b>TRANSLATION:</b><i> The more total system angular momentum a planet (or any celestial body) possesses (as defined -- object plus satellites), the greater its intrinsic "brightness," i.e. the more "anomalous energy" it apparently is capable of "generating." </i>

<a href="" target="_blank"><b> Curious Unconformity</b></a>The Sun is not emitting anything like the number of neutrinos required by the "Standard Solar Model" for its observed energy emission; if its energy is due to "thermo-nuclear reactions" (as the Standard Model demands), then the observed "neutrino deficit" is upwards of 60%: even more remarkable, certain kinds of primary neutrinos (calculated as required to explain the bulk of the solar interior's fusion reactions, based on laboratory measurements) turn out to be simply missing altogether!

<b>So -- what really fuels the Sun? </b>

<b> The Answer: </b> Soo what really fuels our Sun then is the <i> hyperdimensional</i> angular moment energy of the rotational planets!

However, of the graph of <A href="">Graph of Angular Momentum Vs LUMINOSITY </A>we see that our SUN is *not* on the line, making a linear realationship of planets' and sun's angular momentum to luminosity. THIS means that we have not accounted for all the heavenly bodies affecting our sun! THERE MUST BE ANOTHER LARGE Planet out there! However, this relationship of radiated engergy is not constant for all the planets -- nor the sun itself- because of the changing gravitational relationships of the planets -- AND -- new heavenly bodies of particular size enterring into proximity of the sun and planets... into the gravitational pull.

If you observe the yellow arrow on this graph you can see that the distance between the Sun and the line established by planetary bodies you can see that the GAP missing in the Sun's being "on line" is something les than 10^17. This would indicate a "reasonable" planet size (mass actually), considerably less than Saturn and Jupiter.. but perhaps moving at a high rate of speed to account for the <i> Angular MOMENTUM</i> . Also remember that such distant planets -- even if not particularly massive -- will have a disproportionately large effect on the total solar HD energy generation, because of the enormous "leverage" in the angular momentum equation with increasing distance. Thus, these still undiscovered worlds (or WORLD) must in fact account for most of the solar energy we see ... depending on the actual orbital period(s).

I am sure we *ALL* have a reluctance to reject what we have been taught as a fundamental truth. That the Sun's primary source of energy is planetary angular momentum is and not nuclear is a radical thesis. However, undeniably planets such as Jupiter do give off irregular radiation wich exceeds the energies aborbed by the sun. Also, Uranus and Nuptune, described by Sitchin as being the "Twins" via the Sumerian description, do both give off IR radiation in excess of their absorbed energies. Nuptune has a higher IR radiation and this is due to its own satellites -- its MOONS!.

Also of note is In the 1940's, the Radio Corporation of America (RCA) hired a young electrical engineer -- John Nelson -- in an effort to improve the reliability of HF ("short-wave") radio communications around Earth. Such radio transmissions had been observed to be, for some reason, more reliable in the "lulls" in between, than during solar activity associated with "peak" sunspot years. To his surprise, Nelson soon specifically correlated this rising and falling radio interference with not only sunspot cycle, but with the <a href="">motions of the major planets of the solar system</a>; he found, to his increasing astonishment, a very repeatable -- in essence, <i>astrological</i> correlation ... between the inexorable orbits of all the planets (but especially, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune -- with Saturn & Jupiter being the PRIMARY effectors to radiation as a result of their extreme additions to the <b>known </b> <i>angular momentum</i>.( <A href="">Note Specifically Angular Relationships Of These Major Planets</A> )

<b><u> Conclusion</b></u>
So, Sitchinites, Given the facts that... our sun has shown unbelievable solar activity in the past few years, given the fact that there is recognized global warming here on earth with enormous glaciers breaking away from the antartic ice shelf, that Mars demonstrates, according to NASA, Polar ice cap melting, that we have seen unprecendented volcanic activity here on earth the past 5 years, given the fact we are now looking at a winter with unprecedented warmth and past winters also have been uncommonly warm and summers unusually hot, given the fact that ocean currents are clearly changing as are global weather patterns-- anyone want to DISCUSS now the cause? *IF* our sun is in fact showing greater activity and causing us to experience climactic changes and if our own planet's "inners" are getting stirred up as well, showing increased vulcanism and earthquakes, there is likely a growing proximity of a .. very.. large.. body..and it's increasing.

We have often spoken of the possiblity that Nibiru is on its way here. It is very possible that even the effects we are seeing here and in our own Sun are ALREADY the result of Nibiru adding to the "gravitation" of the solar system .. as it is on the "return" part of its journey into the inner solar system.

<A href="">Large Luminosity Vs Momentum Graph</A>

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 30, 2002 6:12 pm 

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Hey Tripp,

In a 3600 earth year orbit, with perihelion between Jupiter and Mars, the planet Nibiru would be travelling at an extremely high velocity at perihelion, as it would be falling towards the sun for 1800 earth years, from a near stand-still at its farthest point from sol, accelerating all the way. It shall indeed be a bright star in the sky. :)

Oddly enough, this same sort of universal background energy, skipped over entirely by science due simply to its threat of upsetting the science apple cart, is the basis for the energy-from-vacuum gyroscopic devices called Zer Point Energy devices, currently in production.

The Question: To what does a gyroscope attach itself to such that it is no longer affected by the local gravity well and pushes back when pushed?

The Answer: The Sun's energy field.

Its even possible that this energy is what ancient magicians were trying to tap into. :)

Live and learn hey. :)


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