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 Post subject: Gerald Clarke - agent for Enlil?
PostPosted: Sat Oct 15, 2016 6:46 pm 

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When I read Gerald Clarke's first book - I gave it and him an excellent review.

However after listening to several of his lectures recently on Youtube and reading about his new book - I am beginning to think he is an agent for Enlil. Several of the things is said in his lectures - that he attributed to Sitchin - were incorrect. For example - he said that Toth designed human beings. If memory serves - Toth was not yet a twinkle in his father's (Enki) eye when Enki and his half sister Ninharsag designed, and then mixed the egg of the female "primitive worker" in a "clay" bowl (the laboratory glass wear the Anunnaki brought with them killed the Earthling females egg cells)! So to say that Toth designed Earthlings is wrong. He answers one of the audience members questions about this by talking about the symbols the god used. Which is an error since all of the younger gods pretended to be one or more of the "olden gods". The Earth Chronicles clearly report that God, aka Enki, aka Ea, aka Poseidon, created man in the image of the gods.

Mr. Clarke then started talking about mono-atomic or gaseous gold. I would like to believe that ingesting mono-atomic gold was good for longevity - however if Clarke is working for Enlil - you can bet its not a good idea! Enlil seeks to destroy all flesh on this planet - that means Earthling human beings! So why would Enlil allow the creatures that he despises to live longer, healthier lives?

Enlil hates all Earthlings - sadly so does his father. I missed this fact when I read the first 4 installments of the Earth Chronicles in 1994 - "...why did Enki give the plan of heaven to a worthless human?"

 Post subject: Re: Gerald Clarke - agent for Enlil?
PostPosted: Mon Jan 16, 2017 6:50 pm 

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They hate us only as much as we ourselves would hate chimpanzees with and intelligent upgrade(our own primitive worker) :!: Some humans would try to help these intelligent beings, some will try too wipe them off the planet and some would use them to serve their needs, sadly some humans would even have sex with such a being...

We would not be any different from our Creators, if We were in their shoes.

btw I dont know which side Gerald Clarke is on... But i dont think choosing sides would get you anywhere anyway :|

Why try to predict the future, when you can decide what the future is going to look like!
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