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The Ancient Astronaut Theorists (AAT) speak about extra-stellar aliens from the Sirius System today as if it is a fact! Every piece of evidence the AATs say points to the Sirius star system in my opinion can also be used to point to the highly elliptical orbit of Nibiru around the Sun!

It started with Von Daniken's interpretation of the Dogon Tribe in Africa - who perform a dance with an interesting head dress that looks like the antennas of the DUR.AN.KI ("bond Heaven-Earth") shown in the Earth Chronicles - not to mention the horned headdress of the gods.

What really struck me about a recent documentary about the Dogan Tribe - some of the dancers walk on stilts! They appear to be a least 9 feet tall!

The Dogan Tribe dancers swing their heads to move the headdress in an elliptical path. This dance and the elliptical path of the headdress was shown in the first Ancient Astronauts motion picture.

The very optimistic blond guy (I apologize - I can not remember the young man's name) was speaking tonight on the latest Ancient Aliens show - about the aliens from Sirius landing in the ocean - and they looked like fish! Recall the "fish suit" that Enki wore when he splashed down.1 He set foot upon the "firm ground" from the Arabian sea.

The Dogan Tribe is an African tribe! Enki's realm.

1 Fig 126, The Twelfth Planet - depicts an example of the "fish space suit" worn by the first Anunnaki who came to Earth.

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