"Official State visit" of Anu to Earth ...
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Author:  xray [ Wed May 06, 2015 4:45 pm ]
Post subject:  "Official State visit" of Anu to Earth ...

Mr. Z recorded that Anu and his official spouse Antu visited the Earth in the year 3760 BC.

If you subtract 3,600 years from the year of the Official State Visit of Anu to Earth 3,760 BC you get 160 BC!

This fits remarkably well with the the date that is derived from subtracting 3,600 years from the date that Nostradamus gave to his son for the total destruction of the Earth - 3,786 AD or 186 AD!*

So Nibiru was near the Sun between 160 BC to 186 AD or a period of 346 years.

It should be possible to calculate the orbital period of a massive comet that has the same orbit as Haley's Comet. I tried to alter a program to change the mass of Haley's Comet and use the orbital period of 3,600 years but the program crashed.

I may post a hypothetical problem on the Astronomy forum.

As I wrote in one of my first posts - Nibiru crosses the plane of the Solar System through the asteroid belt - coming in from the South on a cometary elliptical orbit that is tilted. I would like to know how high above the plane of the Solar System Nibiru travels at perihelion and how close to Venus does it approach...

* which I presented in one of my first posts in the General Discussion.

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