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 Post subject: Heiser is wrong!
PostPosted: Wed Dec 10, 2014 3:36 pm 

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I have met arrogant people in my life – I should know I was afflicted with the disease – but Heiser is in a class by himself! He writes as if he alone can know the answer! He talks about giving “points” to a thinking man that dared to respond to his open letter! INDEED!

What you may not know is that Science became a religion after World War II. And anyone not of the Church (of Science) is wrong! Non-member's work is not published and they are subject to attack and hatchet jobs by the inquisition members of the Church (of Science).

But the problem is even deeper than the Church of Science – the Universities in the United States are Marxist Institutions! “Marxists” as the communist hippies (who protested the Viet Nam War and helped the communists kill young Americans fighting for their right to protest) in the United States like to call themselves now – run the Colleges in this country!

If you agreed with your Communist instructors you got an A. You got your degree and you are supported by the Marxist (modern) Scholars!

Now what does this all mean – you have to look no further than the Egyptologists of today who are Muslim! If anything – theory, idea EVIDENCE – goes against the Koran – IT IS WRONG! The man who took a photograph of a part of the Sphinx at Giza that clearly indicated precipitation – got agreement for his theory as long as he did not reveal that the weathering was part of the Sphinx!

So can you trust anything that is presented by these so called “modern scholars”? NO!

A good example was presented to Heiser by Alessandro Demontis in his response to Heiser's open letter:

“ If you would have read Sitchin's books, you should know that the problem with the planetary lists is that they have been translated by our assirologists in the frame of mind that the ancient peoples only knew a certain number of planets. So they rearranged the names of planets/gods to the planets they thought the sumerians would know.”

Alessandro's statement here is key! The modern scholars “know” that the people of Shinar could not possibly have known about planets out beyond Saturn! So therefore the modern scholars correct them!

You see this same thing in the new Cosmos Series! The members of the Church of Science have rewritten and changed the story of the young Summerian Princess who claimed she was half god!

Remember what I told you about the Marxist take over the Colleges in this country – they are now the cardinals of the Church of Science!

Some comments from Heiser's website”

“...modern scholarship.” - - If it is not from Heiser and his peers – it shall be wrong!

Heiser writes: “No legitimate scholar in biblical studies disputes that there are similarities between the literature of Israel, Sumer, Akkad, Ugarit -- and Egypt, and the Hittite civilization.” and then disputes it!

“The now antiquated notion that there is heavy borrowing by the authors of the Hebrew Bible of Mesopotamian material is referred to as "Panbabylonianism" by today's scholars” - - Heiser slams the work of scientists from the 19th century and yet is blind to the very same thing committed by the members of the Church of Science today!

“If you want to check the most up-to-date scholarly translations of Sumerian literature” - - right this is interesting as if the only correct interpretation of pictograms from Shinar can be made by modern scholars! I don't know what the reader may have observed – but I see “modern scholars” making changes all the time! The American Standard Version of the Bible is a good example! What is in my 1950 version of the ASV is not what is presented on the Internet!

“UFOs in Medieval and Renaissance Art? I'm not an art historian...” - - Do you have to be an art historian to look at the Seal of Darius from Persia and “see” a humanoid in a flying vehicle hovering over Darius?

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