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 Post subject: ETs from the Galaxy or shape-shifting Anunnaki?
PostPosted: Mon Dec 08, 2014 10:30 pm 

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I read an excellent book - Kennedy's Last Stand (last weekend) and in it there was a story of a blond 8 foot female alien that struck a cord with another book that revealed Enlil/Zeus and his foremost warrior (Ninurta/Apollo) are here in the United States!(1) This book also pointed out something that I had completely missed in the Earth Chronicles - the Anunnaki from Nibiru are 9 feet tall! I looked at the Cylinder Seals that show the horned helmeted Anunnaki sitting and the standing Earthling servants are still short!!

One of the things that I could never agree with Von Daniken about was his notion that the evidence proved we were visited by aliens from other star systems! Somehow in 1974 I knew this part of his theory was not correct. After Sitchin in 1984 - the headdress and dance of the Dogan Tribe in Africa for example - can easily be seen to represent Nibiru's orbit around the Sun! (Ancient Astronaut Theorists (AAT) have insisted that this tribe's headdress and dance depicts a particular binary star system - shown in the first "Ancient Astronauts" motion picture.)

Here is what I think has really happened here - the Anunnaki - shape shifters and costume wearers - have gone to great lengths (and continue to do so) - to convince the world that the gods do not exist and that many galactic civilizations have visited the Earth and are responsible for what has transpired here - the violation of the Prime Directive!

Think about it - the LAW records - NO GRAVEN IMAGES! Why? Because Earthlings got to be pretty good artists and as a result we know what they looked like thanks to the Greek artists who made those magnificent sculptures.

They have even created a history of the Galaxy - so as to fool Earthlings and keep them underfoot!

I submit the so called ETs and other galactic visitors are none other than the Anunnaki pretending to be other races! The Anunnaki of Nibiru can become any creature in their evolutionary tree! At will! Do you think that Thoth wore a fake bird beak in front of his hoody? No - Thoth could change his shape! Interestingly - his servants in India depicted him with blue skin! Not light blue or blue green - BLUE!

Do you think Ninharsag wore the fish bowl helmet or basket (the Venus of Willendorf) because she had put on a few pounds? No - the Anunnaki knew that Earthlings were becoming very observant and we were drawing, painting and sculpting their images! And because their biological clocks have 3600 years between each "tick" - they appear to be immortal from our perspective. And we keep seeing them millennia after millennia - never ageing!

Why would the Anunnaki go to such great lengths to camouflage themselves and their orbiting space platform? What are they afraid of?

Anu himself said that Earthlings are worthless! So why do they care what we think? What we know?

Perhaps it is the same reason that the Enlil/Zeus confused the tongues of the people working together at the tower of Babel? Some of you know - the passage in Genesis where the LORD GOD states: "if we don't stop them now we will never be able to - because what men believe in their hearts and think in their minds so shall it be"!!!

This is the very basis of Quantum Mechanics (or "Modern Physics") you can not separate your mind from the experiment or that which is observed! In other words the power of "worthless" Earthlings is off the scale when we work together! Perhaps this is the reason they go to such great lengths?

(1) The Anunnaki of Nibiru: Mankind's Forgotten Creators, Enslavers, Saviors, and Hidden Architects of the New World Order by Gerald R. Clark

 Post subject: Re: ETs from the Galaxy or shape-shifting Anunnaki?
PostPosted: Wed Jan 07, 2015 9:51 pm 
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While Native Americans did a good job trying to draw what they had seen on cave walls some depictions like those of the Egyptians were more descriptive and their images were less of a representation of actual appearance. I'd believe the shape shifting helmets like in Stargate the movie are more likely than actually shape shifting their skin and appearance biologically. For instance angels did not have real wings but were illustrated with wings as to signify to other humans that this god flew whether that be with a jet pack or any possible flying vehicle. We have to remember while they had abilities that made them appear supernatural they were still living beings and must abide by the laws of physics even if we still don't truly understand them.

I see no point in the Anunnaki in regards with disinformation but I do agree with you that it's unlikely we have been visited by any beings outside our solar system. Although if they had it would explain some of the conflicts in the past that seemingly weren't between the Anunnaki themselves but with invaders. I wouldn't assume there was a prime directive like in Star Trek unless that explains why we have been left alone for a few thousand years. I can only wonder if that's because a force bigger than the Anunnaki finally laid down the law or perhaps their own morals made them realize we had the right to govern ourselves.

All Von Daniken knew was that these beings weren't from Earth and without proof that there is another planet belonging to this solar system with a highly highly elliptical orbit he had no choice but to assume they were from another solar system. I'm not aware of the galactic history you spoke of other than the Enuma Elish which was much more local.

I too had read Von Daniken's books prior to Sitchin's work and I wasn't happy with his explanation either. Seems foolish and pointless to travel so far only to return home without anyone hanging around or leaving with something tangible that they couldn't find at home. Sure, the Anunnaki need gold but if they were from another solar system you would think they would have had plenty more back home. And genetically speaking only the Anunnaki are compatible with our genes even before they performed gene splicing on us so that's not much of a reason to come here for beings outside our solar system.

I think most stories about beings from other solar systems or galaxies were made up by people who just wanted attention.

 Post subject: Re: ETs from the Galaxy or shape-shifting Anunnaki?
PostPosted: Fri May 13, 2016 8:30 pm 

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I agree with everything you said in your reply - except the ability of those born on Nibiru to change their shapes at will. (Sorry for the very late response - I moved and lost my login.) Something in the tablets about the first primitive ape woman's egg died during the artificial insemination/genetic "construction" process clicked with the Greek and Egyptian stories about the ability of the olden gods to change their shapes - at will. Enki and Ninhursag were not able to accomplish the task until they used a mixing bowl made of clay from the Earth! In other words the medical glassware the first scientists brought with them from Nibiru sucked the life energy out of the living "tissue" that was being manipulated to construct the first Adapa. The Jewish priests in Babylon condensed many tablets about the "construction" of man down to a single sentence - "God made man out of clay"

Those anunnaki born on the Earth are not able to change their physical shapes! Which might explain why one Egyptian statue of Toth shows a man with a bird beak affixed in front of his face!

I know that science will never accept the possibility that a physical creature can change its shape at will. Which is strange because humans go through puberty and insects go through a cocoon stage...

As for the fake galactic history to maintain the AAT illusion that extra stellar aliens came here - I am not certain at this moment if I read about it and the tall blond alien female in the Kennedy's Last Stand or another book that was all about Area 51. I will have to check it - I think it was in the referenced Kennedy book.

Also I used the Star Trek phrase "prime directive" (because everyone understands it) rather than slavery is illegal on Nibiru because at the time - it did appear that a great system wide war had been fought after I saw the History channel documentary Aliens on the Moon. I will get into this in a later post about the aliens that helped the Nazis during WWII.

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