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 Post subject: Zecharia Sitchin was helped by benevolent alien
PostPosted: Sat Feb 08, 2014 7:53 pm 

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In part 2 of his 20 part interview on the Creating5D youtube channel, galactic historian and akashic records reader Andrew Bartzis explained that Zecharia Sitchin's first 3 books were very accurate except for (a) the time period that the Anunnaki came to Earth, (b) the reason the Anunnaki came to Earth was because they were lured to Earth by higher dimensional entities, and (c) the reason the Anunnaki wanted the gold was because the energy in the gold was used to bring other entities back to Earth and NOT to shield Nibiru's atmosphere. Bartzis also said that Sitchin's 4th book onward were way off course in terms of timeline.
But one of the more interesting things was that Bartzis also said that Sitchin was a very spiritual man and when he wrote his first 3 books, he was aided by a benevolent higher dimensional entity. However, he did not clarify if Sitchin knew he was being aided in his work by this entity.
Oh, and since I am writing this, I think I should clarify that Andrew Bartzis also said that all that garbage about Sitchin being an Illuminati disinfo agent (and a shape-shifting reptile alien as Arizona Wilder said in David Icke's documentary "Revelations of a Mother Goddess") was implanted into this reality by entities who act as "timeline watchers" who put disinfo into our reality. For whatever the reason, these timeline watcher entities were very interested in making sure that people didn't know that Sitchin was mostly accurate. Further, anyone who says that the Anunnaki couldn't exist on a planet like Nibiru which is so far from the sun are failing to take into account the fact that every planet has its own consciousness filtering system which allows for life to exist on it regardless of the planet's location or the type of star it orbits. As UFO researcher John Lear said, "The only gas giant in the solar system is NASA!"

 Post subject: Re: Zecharia Sitchin was helped by benevolent alien
PostPosted: Tue Feb 11, 2014 4:28 am 
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Thank you for making me feel like the most sane rational person on this site!

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