Earth chronicles expeditions - Questioning sitchin's bias towards yahwe
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Author:  kiya [ Thu Apr 24, 2008 5:39 pm ]
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I've just finished 'expeditions' and am immensely impressed by zs's persistence in getting to see various places in spite of the recalcitrance, paranoia and 'caution' of the military and government overseers of those ancient sites.
how absolutely frustrating to not be able to land to see up close that seeming craft on top of what he reckons to be the real mt. sinai! he shows a couple of photos taken from the airplane.
but he and his group did get to see the rock - 'the great and sacred foundation stone, standing where abraham was tested, where the holy of holies of solomon's temple was...'
maybe i'm carping, but i have difficulty with the word 'sacred'. and zs's sense that yahweh is someone more special than the anunnaki.
i understand being in awe at the ancientness of ancient sites, at the sense of history, at the obvious grandeur of the ancient buildings. but to call a place sacred because that was where someone asked a man to sacrifice his son as a sign of his obedience!!! and that man was prepared to do just that. gawd!
and on the his last chapter about the ark, has anyone read laurence gardner's 'lost secrets of the sacred ark'?

Author:  MrPP [ Fri Apr 25, 2008 10:00 am ]
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Kiya: it's never bothered me, but i think that zs was religiously motivated from the start of his researches. the older he gets, the more his religious bias creeps into his writings. still not a big deal.

Author:  kiya [ Fri Apr 25, 2008 7:05 pm ]
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Hi mr pp,
thanks for replying. yeah, well, as i said, i'm probably carping. i guess it does not necessarily negate his research and the majority of his conclusions. however, surely it does colour some of them?
i can't give a 'for instance' at the moment, but i'm sure that one could mark some on careful reading.
have you read gardner? he is so big on templars taking the ark, also the monatomic gold, and zs does not make any reference to it at all. i expect of course zs is being very cautious - it is only in 'expeditions' that he makes his first cautious mention of atlantis and i expect he will not touch gardner's assertions. zs seems to prefer that the ark is some miraculous device of yahweh rather than an advanced scientific artifact as described by gardner. not really sure why it irritates me as much as it does.
btw, i understand freer likes gardner and the white powder gold.

Author:  MrPP [ Sat Apr 26, 2008 10:43 am ]
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Kiya: i'm not interested in "noah's ark", but think that the "arc of the covenant" was a high voltage, two-way radio used by the anunnaki to communicate with the hebrews after they left earth and as they exited the solar system. when they got out of range and there were no more transmissions, the hebrews probably salvaged some metals and discarded or buried the rest.

thanks for mentioning freer - i need to find out what he's been thinking lately.

Author:  kiya [ Sun Apr 27, 2008 6:16 pm ]
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Apologies - i was referring to the ark of the covenant.
i agree - it seems it was a high powered electrical device (used, among other things, for manufacturing the white powder gold according to gardner).
i think though that it was in existence long before the anunnaki left (around 600bc according to sitchin).
it was bought into existence after the exodus (around 1400 bc - not sure of exact date without doing a search of the books) during their wandering in the desert.
i understand that the ark was hidden at the time of king josiah (c.bc.597) to keep it safe from nebuchadnezzar's
i get most of this history from sitchin and gardner.

Author:  Celestial [ Wed Oct 01, 2008 8:41 pm ]
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Dear kiya,

i noticed that your question regarding gardner was not addressed. i've read most of gardner's books as well as sitchin's and the white powder of gold topic is quite interesting. are you familiar with david hudson's work on this topic? my guess is that the white powder of gold or monatomic gold, besides being precisely what the 'naki used/needed to suspend in nibiru's atmosphere to repair the holes in their ozone layer ( i hope i have that right) was also used for many other purposes.
as i recall gardner stated that the substance was found in turquoise mines in egypt and may have played a roll in pyramid building by making the massive stones easier to lift.. levitate....could it be that the 'naki gods such as ptah taught the egyptians how to use this resource....?? i wonder what z.s. thinks about gardner and if he knows of hudson's work with monotomic gold....??? ???

Author:  MrPP [ Thu Oct 02, 2008 10:04 am ]
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I guess i'm going to have to give in and go buy "expeditions". is it in big book stores?

yea, that "sacred" stuff sticks in my crawl, too.

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