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PostPosted: Thu Sep 14, 2006 2:14 pm 
Dear Mr. Sitchin

I am still quite breathless after recently reading your Earth Chronicles. As the information was quite new to me my head is still spinning and it will take some time for the full impact of your message to sink in. And a plethora of bewildering questions keep popping up in my head.

For me personally, the most compelling part of it is the Tower of Babel myth, about the confusion of languages. I have always been fascinated by this myth and the idea to write a historicle novel or film script about this theme has gradually been ripening. I very well realize that a lot of research is needed to portray these times in a convincing manner. I will very much appreciate your help in advising me on books to read about the rituals, habits, fashions and lore of the old Tower Builders. Did they have coins, bank loans, interest on loans, commercial contracts and such? I need to know these things to give the novel a higher degree of truthfulness.

Reading the Earth chronicles has added a totally new dimension to these reflections, namely THE TOWER BEING A SPACE ROCKET. This would warrant the interest of a worls wide Star Track and Science Fiction industry by suggesting a "Back to the Future or "Forward to the Past"" approach to the producers.

Another lead I followed is one of the concluding remarks in your book WHEN TIME BEGAN. After the rise of Babylon and the diaspora of the Sumerians, forced to leave their homes after the nuclear holocaust you described so well, they gradually spread their knowledge and crafts and new civilations started to manifest themselves world wide. And according to your book, Estonian is the language most closely related to Sumerian. I googled for the TOWER OF BABEL in the Wikipedia and found a lead to an Estonian folk tale called THE COOKING OF LANGUAGES. I followed this up by getting in touch with the Estonian Folklore Magazine Estonica and they are interested in researching the Estonian-Sumerian connection and to propose it as a proghram concept for their national TV and film academy.

As a first step to coordinate the necessary reseach I propose to set up a database and/or forum on the internet for the researchers in and the contributers of my project. I would be honoured if you would be the final editor of this database and would comment on its contents. This will guarantee a both linguistic and scientific standard that I could never reach by myself and when the forum/database would be linked to your website it might attract the right kind of trustworthy contributors.

I sincerely hope that this letter will be a first step to a mutually beneficiant cooperation and please let me know what you think of it.

Yours truly,

Theo Lalleman.

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