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PostPosted: Sun Feb 02, 2003 6:14 am 
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Nasa is to blame. The wing being hit on takeoff was a freak accident I am sure but I think they should have aborted the shuttle and landed when they first spotted the wing being hit by debris. But, lets write that point off as hindsight or maybe not possible that far into the flight.

More importantly, I think it is absurd that they do not routinely carry the equipment needed for space-walking and making inspections and repairs on every flight, no matter what the cost in weight.

I also think it is stupid to launch one bird when they don't have the next shuttle ready to fly a rescue mission if needed. They plan these things way in advance. Why don't they schedule each one for when the second one is present and ready to fly. Would only need a hanger on the property to house it. Then, with a pre-madeup emergency package with space-walking equip.,
rescue equip, etc.... just the right size to be lifted into the cargo bay of the standby shuttle, they could blast off for a rescue when necessary. These seven could have stayed in space, in orbit, til the rescue mission came up and went out and inspected their bird before gambling on a re-entry. They could have even sent the questionable shuttle back with NO crew at NO risk controlled by Mission Control if they had been prepared to do this procedure.
Nasa used to actually practice in the simulator with one of the guys applying tiles in near weightless conditions as a repair drill. Not any more though.

I have heard no one mention any of this. It is insane how stupid people are.
We will never make it to Mars with these idiots in charge. If money is the problem they (Nasa) should all have the courage to stand their ground and suggest scrapping the program if the Gov. insists on under-funding it. That would get some attention.

By now, we should have had an Earth Observatory size Telescope on the moon. Imagine what we could see from the dark side of the moon with one of those compared to the relatively small size of the Hubble...

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 25, 2003 4:32 pm 
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First of all, why did they get rid of Whitley Streiber? He is one of the better of the old ones and better than the new one. I had a gut feeling when I heard the bad news. Homicide!! They knew that they sent those poor people on a suicide mission! What did they really send them out there for? Maybe, something they didn,t want them or any one to know about. We live with a secret government ruling us. Where's the justice?

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