Technology of the Gods - Corroboration
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Author:  Guest [ Fri Feb 01, 2002 5:39 pm ]
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I'm not as familiar with Childress as I am with some other scholars along the "alternative thinking" lines, but from merely reading the excerpt provided by clicking on the bookcover above, it's clear that once again an independent and intelligent mind has seen the obvious: ancient civilizations did not evolve or develop; they were put into place virtually overnight. Childress seems to not care for discussions of extraterrestrials, but that's allright: there is arc intersection with the various circles being drawn by various daring--and common sensical--scholars leading us to see clearly that there was something very, very advanced in place before Egypt or Sumer or even "Atlantis".

Author:  crotonmystic [ Sat Apr 26, 2003 3:20 am ]
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I think it's clear that technology as we now know it pales in comparison to technologies of ancient Earth.

Author:  anthem1 [ Thu Aug 28, 2003 10:03 am ]
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It is the first book of David Childress I've read, and I must say, it only left me more doubts, instead of ideas, theorys, or whatelse.
My concept of a researcher (I'm not saying that he is not one) is that of one who can put me on the center of an issue, show me facts clearly and with objectivity, and finally solve the "enigma" with his ideas, theorys or in many cases, provide with more tools to get closer to solve it.
After reading this book I got information about facts, but not even a clue on the part that we all expect from a researcher. For example he makes an approach on the significance of the entwisted serpents with the winged scepter, suggesting that it means some kind of flying machine powered by mercury, wich could sound interesting. But, why doesn't he describes this procedure on an accurate base (technical information) in order to leave us a chance to evaluate this possibility?
For an example read Christopher Dunn's The Gysa Power Plant book, wich is a great work, in my opinion.
Finally I could only say that as a reader and architect, acoustic technical, builder, I would be thrilled if he could put any of the issues that he describes, on a more cientific and accurate basis.

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