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PostPosted: Sat Jan 31, 2004 7:48 pm 

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Hi - on the subject OF Jesus: (from a strong believer) The sign of the 12th planet is the cross. The sign of Jesus is the cross....
Not hard to see a pattern there.
Was Jesus the last 'adam' created from the sperm of the gods and the egg of an earthling? He was certainly here to do his father's work. The only problem is where did he go after 33 years. The 12th planet certainly wasn't back after that. What about the Nephilium who stayed in the skies? We really don't know how long they stayed. Maybe they left him and came back for him.

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 16, 2004 4:10 pm 
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You have to have enough faith in what you know of Jesus. Did he not speak of the Kingdom of Heaven in his parables?
There are mysteries upon mysteries to relish our exsistence in.
According to Zecharia Sitchins work we can learn many new things of the mysteries in life. One particular mystery I like to think about is the one that happened to Enki in 'The lost book of Enki' where he is visited by a being named Galzu and in the dream he is spoken too and given something. When he wakes up he is holding what he was given. Immediatly he summoned for Galzu and learned he has been away back home somewhere outthere in the heavens. Imagine that having a dream and waking up with something out of that dream!
Perhaps Sitchin is absolutely correct in his knowledge of
the Annunaki beings that in there mission to save their planet Niburu they came upon the destiny of creating a new race of beings mankind. Thus being the emissuaries
of the Creator of All.
It became there responsibility to teach us how to live and exsist in this world. We all have freewill we must learn how to handle our being. I believe the tools are everywhere to help us with our conscience development. For the most part the bible has been the only source pertaining to any truth for a many a millenia. Jesus knows the truth and is teaching it still to humanity. He is the souce of strength giving many people in life who are poor, oppressed, overwhelmed, strickened, sick, diseased, ignorant and sinful a chance for hope and redemption.
I truly believe it would be immpossible to handle an eternal exsistence without the spirit of the Creator of All. The Annunaki would know without a doubt the significance of an etenal life. They certainly left there mark on Earth of things that grasp the eternal.
Jesus gives many the hope of eternal life.

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 28, 2005 5:22 pm 
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Hi everybody,
I'm very glad to have found this site/forum related to Z.Sitchin's works. I' m still very far from having read everything yet, but the Jesus-thread caught my attention right away since he's the one who got me hooked in the first place with anything connected to the origins of Mankind, history of Religion.

It all started with the seminal "Holy-Blood, Holy-Grail", especially the Jesus-related material. I immediately got persuaded that, in the main lines, the authors were right in everything they speculated (Jesus married to M.Magdalen and a descendance.Then later the big Church cover-up).
A bibliography leading to several others, I eventually read Barbara Thiering's books. She has been mentionned many times here, and with good reason.

But something was missing.All the previous books are New Testament related, but I kept fantasizing for the same kind of erudition applied to the Old Testament.But that was impossible, wasn'it? So I was terribly frustrated, but the gods heard my plea, and took pity; the books DID exist. B Thiering led me to Sir Laurence Gardner (astounding books), who in turn led me to Zecharia Sitchin, I had at last what I had always been wishing to know about, and 10 times more!

Sorry if I went a bit astray, it's my first post and I had to vent a bit...!

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 21, 2005 10:03 pm 

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 22, 2005 4:28 pm 

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 08, 2005 9:51 pm 
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What a wonderful discussion!!!
People with open ears looking at All the sources to find Jesus. It's about time.
I would like to make a few additions:
Jesus and his ancestry, like that of Ki-ings was scrutinized, to give him the blood lines of Annunaki.
(KI-INGS) hmm.......!
Our prophets, have all tried, but the message has been stomped on, garbled, spliced, and buried in so many ways that anyone who thinks otherwise has his hands over his ears and eyes.
Some interesting sidelights are;
1. Babylonian sorcerers risked death by refusing to invoke spells on the semites---saying their God was the king of all gods.--A historical fact-

2. In the bible, Jesus has a confrontation with the Devil, (adversary) who offers him the earth if he will bow down. It implies that the Devil was here in JC's day, if not after as well, and that the earth is his to give.
There were 2 lords in the Garden; we listened to the serpent, and he had told the truth! Adam did not die!
He became "as one of us" really pissing off Enlil.

3. Ea-Enki created us, but was known as the Serpent.

4. Ea-Enki secretly told Noah-Utnapistim how to suvive the flood.

5. Enlil was wroth, finding mankind still alive.

6. "Even so are ye Gods" Jesus said.

I think the time has come to admit that some Anunnaki are still here; controlling world banks and religions through underlings, and they are of the camp that does not want us to know the truth; we have just as much right in Heaven as they do, and in some cases- much more!
Guilt, Judgement, fear, and hate, are what they have poisoned our religions with.
Which god, book, prophet is right?
They all were to varying levels, but if you think their words were not grossly distorted by others, you're hoping for the impossible--that humans and Anunnaki would not tamper with something of value.
And that people always understand what they hear, and pass it on without misinterpretation, embellishments, or concealment.
Personally, I believe Jesus was told that he would pave the way for the rest of us. Or maybe he knew that the option was already therefor all, and no one else could see it.
I wouldnt be surprized if he was the son of God, But the Zoroastrian "virgin- birth" is most probably an unnecessary add-on.
Similarly with the idea that he had no wife--why wouldn't he? All other rabbis were expected to.
It is said that he often kissed Mary Magdalene on the mouth--was he a filanderer? I think not.

Jesus, his love and compassion, his bravery, and Genius, were completely out of step with his followers, then and today.
He KNEW he had a Heavenly Father, while we blindly follow other men. He preached to all, while we look for divisions.
Faith in a God above the Annunaki is what we lack.
But, He has faith in us.
Remember, they are not to be worshipped. They were sent here to do a job by a higher authority; Anu.

Was there someone, or something above him?
Who did the anunnaki worship? they certainly had low moral fiber themselves. They are probably going to be judged just like us, and many of them hate that. For some of them, we are just animals.

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