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PostPosted: Thu Apr 21, 2005 12:38 am 

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I'm new, so please bare with me. I'm hearing many people relate Enki with the 'Fallen Angel' - Satan. After reading 12th Planet I was of the impression Enki (Pisces) was parallel to Jesus Christ (Fish Symbol) and Enlil (Aries) was parallel to the horned Satan (Lucifer - bearer of light). I am completely self educated, and would like some outside wisdom to reflect upon. I am also interested in what Sitchin believes to be "God" when he visited with the Catholic Priest. The God-head which Anu is a part or an individual? And why?

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 21, 2005 11:06 am 
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Well it's not as clean cut as people think, Nefilim is defined as "Those from heaven to earth fell" or the "fallen ones", traced back to Sumer the original word was Anunnaki "Those from heaven to earth came".

So the Anunnaki that came to Earth were considered after some time the "fallen ones".

As far as who was who you would have to stay in the OT cause the word "Satan" isn't mentioned untill the NT.

Enki was depicted in antiquity as/with a serpent and also sometimes depicted wearing a fish costume/suit, which was filtered down through stories in history as different "fish gods":

Late Babylonian and Creek Oannes: [url=


Then[/url] it turned into more of a head dress for the Roman Cybele: [url=


Which[/url] is where some believe the Pope's Mitre stems from:


In[/url] antiquity Enki was the one who gave Humans "knowledge" which in ancient text describes Enki, Ninti and Ninginzadda (sp) tinkered with their already creation Adama "like Earth's clay he was" the biblical Adam 's DNA to be able to procreate so to have more workers and when Adapa/Adama/Adam and Khawa/Titi/Eve was sent to the garden of ED.IN Enlil was angry that Enki had made them able to procreate and gave them the boot: Gen 3:22.

"Knowing" was often a code word in the bible for sex and/or having children: Gen 4:1 "And Adam KNEW Eve his wife; and she conceived and bare Cain,......

In the ancient AtraHasis (the flood story of ancient times) Enlil was angry at all the noise that he couldn't sleep (over population) and after finding out that a deluge was going to happen he made all the other Anunnki/Nefilim promise that they would not tell the Humans of the coming flood, Enki reluctantly also promised but figured to tell a wall opossite of Ziusudra/Utimpishtim/AltraHasis/Noah of the coming flood and to build an Arc to survive it.

So Enki & Enlil both played the Good and bad guys, remember that both their offsprings warred with one another which resulted in a Nuke Blast in the Sinai Penninsula, fallout drifted to Sumer and killed much of the population there but spared Babylon. Marduk son of Enki which was the Egyptian Ra was involved in this war and was feared of taking hold of a spaceport (again per ancient text) in the Sinai Penn so Enlil asked Anu for something to be done.

Anu then gave the call to 2 of the Anunnaki one of Enlil's and one of Enki's sons to destroy the spaceport.

In a Sumerian story an "Evil Wind" over took Sumer but spared Babylon so the Anunnaki took it as an omen that Marduk/Ra was destined to be the next to rule cause Babylon was his city and his time to rule was the reason for the start of the war.

So what do you do when you finally get your due respect? You change the olden stories to show you as the hero and creator of all. So Marduk had a remix of the creation story to be recited during the year in Babylon to show instead of Nibiru as the creator of Heaven and Earth Marduk would sit in that role.

Okay so now who was imprissoned by Babylon? The Hebrews and as it's echoed in the Torah that was compiled as the OT (which is probably why Enki was demonized since Marduk was his son and he headed the land that imprissioned them along with them possibly seeing that the Anunnaki in general were becoming harmful to humans with their wars hence the Sumerian "Hero" Gilgamesh in the Dead Sea Scrolls as one of the Evil Giants "Nefilim") was bits and parts of older stories but clues can be found Elohim is Hebrew for not just God but Gods (plural) with Eloah being the singular root, knowing/knew (sex), 7 days of Creation (bible) 7 tablets of Creation (Sumerian) also known as the Enuma Elish, 12 deciples of Jesus-12 Greek gods-12 original gods of the Anunnaki.

Sorry for the long post but it's allot more complicated than people think, if you get through this let us know there is a possible explaination for Jesus being affiliated with the fish. If you have anymore questions feel free to ask I'll do my best to explain what I know and hopefully others will give some of their knowledge also.


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PostPosted: Thu Apr 21, 2005 1:39 pm 

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Thankyou for the info. I have read all of that info but much of it was gathered from numerous sources and it can get confusing. I like to develop my own theories to things and get quite exciteed when I hear others have put the same things together.

Getting past the OT for a moment (which has completely new meaning to me), what purpose does the NT have? According to numerous calculations I've read, Planet X passed at the time of Jesus (which means it is not due for at least another 1500 yrs).

I am interested in the claim of the return of Jesus (Enki?)and the reactions people have had over the centuries to this claim. Everyone has something they believe to gain by paying homage to someting. What is to gain by paying homage to Enki vs. Enili?

Also, only 144,000 are "saved" (12,000 from each of the 12 tribes) so why do people fret? Ofcorse God already knows who is saved before they are born. That'd be like me saying (before my children have been concieved), I know who I would save first in a "future" fire. Also knowing all I could carry out is three. Mine - dah! They don't have to be born yet to know that. Yet people call that omniscient.

Imagine all the people's faces when/if Jesus (Enki?) makes His return. Their expectations have developed into something so facinating they wont know to accept Him. Look at the Christian art, it says it all. How sad it is that most people hold onto beliefs regardless of facts and REASON, refuse to think and choose to follow blindly. How incredibly DANGEROUS.

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 21, 2005 3:50 pm 

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Any ideas as to the nature of the Bible stating somewhere in there that Satan is ruling earth until the return of the Lord?

I'd like to get straight who Satan is. Adversary of whom? Mankind? The Annunaki? Anu?

If Satan is Enlil than that means he is in charge now - and life really isn't all that bad. And Enki's return is doubtful to be threatening.

If Satan is Enki ruling now, than that would be the point of Revelations - that Enlil is going to return to destry what Enki has created as he has in the past?

That sounds the most plausible considering the fear base of revelations and humanities take on His return.

But that turns the whole Jesus thing on it's head for me. Jesus (Pisces/Fish) said He was going to return, correct? And my interpretations are that Jesus is Enki (Pisces/Fish/Serpent). Meaning Enili is here now.

See how I'm chasing my tail.

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 21, 2005 10:37 pm 
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As in the OT the NT pulls from older sources also, people have connected Jesus with older ancient gods and their sons. Parallels of saviors, virgin births, traditions of beings baptized and others. So it could be since there hasn't been any proof that Jesus existed that he's just another story that pulled bits and pieces from past texts possibly stemming from Enki and Enlil being Anu sons.

Jesus being associated with fish is just as you stated Pisces, we are now at the end of the age of Pisces going into the age of Aquarius.

Enki is associated with the planet Neptune which astrologically rules the sign of Pisces, Enki also might have originally landed on Earth in a prior age of Pisces giving him the Age of Pisces to rule over.

The age of Aries is astrologically associated with the planet Mars, mars is traditionally associated with Marduk. "Cairo" in the ancient language means Mars, Marduk is paralleled with the Egyptian Ra.

The Age of Aquarius astrologically is "ruled" by the planet Uranus which is associated with Anu.

There is a battle within the scientific community of when the age of Pisces ends and Aquarius begins, one clue people are looking at is the African Olmec long count this long count has a beginning 3114 bc and an end December 21, 2012. That date happens to land right on a winter solstice and this solstice crosses pretty close if not on the Galactic center. So you have the Galactic equator pretty vertical in the sky and you have the Solar equator crossing over the Galactic center, from what I've read this only happens once every 26,000 years same as going through every great age once with Aquarius being the start over. Sun on the Cross?

I agree with you 100% that religion was molded around actual events that humans just didn't understand at the time and the Anunnaki being as prone to the same ills as humans placed fear into humans for our overall well being as we evolved for when the Anunnaki left some of them might of stayed and you have stories popping up of Humans fighting off giants "Nefilim" (Goliath and Og king of bashan) the demonizing of Gilgamesh in the Dead Sea Scrolls.

I can see the same with Satan, not being a person but representing the evil that the Anunnaki are capable of. What's more evil sounding than war?

Most of all religions in the world at it's root is righteous by nature, it's just the power houses in each particular religion that seem to want to pit each religion over the other.

If someone lives their life righteously and their religion helped them do that then the ultimate was achieved no matter what in particular drove them to that. It is dangerous for people to follow a belief blindly, even more dangerous is people fighting each other over differences in righteousness cause if one percent of this is true than it doesn't matter who of the Anunnaki steps off that spaceship if they feel that they need to lower kingship again it's not going to be good.

Imagine them cutting this world up into regions for individual Anunnaki to rule over again with 6 billion people cause we can't even get along with ourselves.

Than again they have to realize that they contributed to our current problems, they taught us war, they taught us slavery, they taught us to change written history to fit a side that won a conflict.

I'm very optimistic but if we keep acting like we're acting we are giving them a reason to lower kingship again. Like Sitchin said after he was asked what are we to expect if they come back? Sitchin says I don't know but there were two reason for letting the Great Flood wipe us out; 1) Evil upon the Earth (Bible flood story) and 2) Over population (Sumerian flood story).

I see it as just clues in our current holy books like the number 144,000, could easily be from old text of how long the IGIGI toiled in the mines before mutinying, 40 shars 3600 each shar equaling 144,000 Earth years with the number 40 being filtered down also.

If people want to believe that only 144,000 will be chosen for their righteousness, strive! keep striving to be one of the 144,000 maybe it's that determination that will keep otherwise out of control minds acting right.


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PostPosted: Fri Apr 22, 2005 4:22 pm 

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The Bible states somewhere that the earth is currently under the rule of Satan until the return of The Lord. Enki is in fact the serpent and has been given the controversial bad name, Satan, yes?

What about the idea that Enki is actually the one ruling now? That would explain the secrecy of those worshiping Baal (Enlil), and the horrific warning of Revelations. Maybe it is Enlil who is The Lord that is to return.

I've others postings that the God of the Jews, Yahweh, is definitely Enlil. Supposedly at the time of Jesus, Planet X was passing. I'm not knowledgeable about the different zodiac ages, but Jesus is represented by a Fish symbol (Pisces) as Enki was. That means Enki is in fact ruling now, unless he was killed - (I'm not into that whole immortality omnipotent stuff. Longevity yes.) If Enki was killed we are hanging here - but I question if Enki was actually killed as the Christian religion states "He Lives".

But I am puzzled about some of the groups here and now that are highly secretive and esoteric (that is the point). Take the Mason's for example. They have been accused of Baal worship, yet one of their greatest members, Albert Pike, damn near advertises to the world they worship Lucifer (bringer of light, Enki). Why? Supposedly the founder of the Jehovah’s Witnesses was a mason (Jehovah is Yahweh-Enlil) . Both very secretive and esoteric. And supposedly they are responsible for the idea of secularization (one world order, etc.).

The Freemason's do take credit for the great scientific advancements man has made. Geometria is highly regarded by them. But Enki was known to be the scientist.

Is it their quest to mastermind science to bring Enlil or man to Enki's level? I just realized I used the word "Level". Could that be the meaning of their "Level"? See where my mind goes?

Why would anyone want to support Enlil? I'm sure there is a reason for it. I do not conclude Masonry is the worship of Enlil, but chew on this...

Well know facts:

The Freemason's are the Knights Templar of history (hired by the Catholic Church to protect Christians on their pilgrimage to the Temple). They actually resided in the Temple, where they excavated and found something (their greatest secret) that caused them to turn on the Church. What could they have possibly found? In light of what we know here, I'd bet it was something very similar. Obviously the Church hired them for more than they say (to escort Christians). There really weren't enough of them to really do much protecting. Why would they house them in the sacred Temple? They were there for years excavating and there is evidence of this. What did the Church send them there in hopes to find? The Templars were not literate but found someone to explain to them what they had found. Then they split.

The Templars accumulated GREAT wealth while working for the Church and are the ones credited for our Banking System today. The Catholic Church has wealth beyond your dreams. GOLD. Anyway the King (Philip?) had accumulated great debt he was unable to repay. And the moment there were accusations that the wealthy Templars worshiped the Devil the opportunity arose and he was after their heads (literally). It is said he owed them as well. Maybe both he and the Church are responsible for the claims made about them today, because he wanted an excuse to eliminate them and his debt. All their wealth would become his. And the Church needed to cover their tracks.

Initially the Church stopped the king. Why? And as we all know, the Church eventually stopped supporting their knights and gave the green light to execute. After much torture of coarse. Why? Did they get what they were looking for? Did sparing their lives become a mute point for them? Because the Templars took an oath amongst themselves (like the Masons today) and were VERY loyal (to the death literally). And some did escape - hence the Freemasons today. The between then and now of their order is widely available if you want to inquire.

The Templars found something profound, that they swore an oath to keep a secret to the death. The Church kept them alive shortly then authorized the execution. Look into DeMolay, the leader of the Templars. There is a Freemasonic Order today called the Order of DeMolay. And for those who are not familiar, the Founding Fathers of this here USA were all Mason's. Many of our GREAT monuments are Masonic. Aerial photos reveal the mapping (Sumerian imagery) in the landscaping of Washington and throughout the U.S. For some I'm sure this is thrilling to hear for the first time, and it is. But it also means opening your mind to the HUGE reality that is.

No, I am not an expert. I do not claim to be. What I have shared in the light of fact is widely available to everyone. I am only speculating, and I would love to hear from all of you about what I've put together.

After re-reading what I wrote, it occurred to me that maybe the Templars/Mason's are followers of Enki. Maybe the claims that they are responsible for our great scientific advancements is their attempt to bring us all to a "Level" acceptable by the Nefilim so to spare us. We can be more than just dumb apes overpopulating. That is what Enlil did NOT like about us. One of their mottos is that their purpose is for the betterment of man or brotherhood of man. Rationally speaking, I would want to better us and bring us to a higher intellectual level if that is what the Nefilim had a problem with. And honestly, I would not trust the general populous to achieve it naturally. Enlil did not like us because we overpopulated and made too much noise. I can't think of a greater noise than WAR. Maybe unity under one leader (dangerous gamble) with the best intentions for human survival in light of this knowledge is our best bet. I personally would like them to be honest with me. But maybe man has proven unworthy as a whole in the past of achieving those things, and secrecy is vital.

Mason's - please don't reply with threats. I know how protective you are of your secrets and that is fine. There's no law that those of us not included cannot speculate. No one is threatening you-at least not intentionally. We are only in search of truth.

And Non-Mason's - be critical of any claims denying the facts shared. That's their job. My grandparents are both Mason's and Eastern Stars, and I have a good friend that is a mason. VERY good people. And no matter how close (blood) they won't tell me squat. So I'm on my own unless I join. Unfortunately it makes me very uncomfortable taking oaths before I know all the facts.

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One more thing to chew on....

Fact: Mason's will accept a Catholic - Catholics will NOT accept a Mason. To be accepted as a Mason, you MUST believe in a "Supreme Being." Welcoming men of all religious backgrounds.

Suppose that Jesus was in fact crucified and did die. Maybe even by the hands of those who follow Yahweh, Enlil. When you think about it - does Enki have to be dead for this still to apply? Maybe he simply left (returned to His Father, Anu) like the Bible states. The Bible not only states that we are under the rule of Satan now, but that when the Lord returns we are to be judged, correct? So what would you do as second in command if your leader was gone?

1) Assure everyone that your leader "Lives." Knowing that his replacement (Enlil) is to return and your intentions may be to maintain an order derived by your leader in preparation. Maybe your leaders intention was to improve you so that when the Lord returned (Enlil is in fact the Lord - second in command to his father Anu), He would spare our lives.


2) You quietly regroup. Dodging not only the threat of the Lords return, but those staunchly defending their strategy (1). So in regrouping you develop a new strategy of your own to maintain your faithfulness to your leader who is now gone, and face the reality of a new less desirable leader posing the threat of death. Knowing this new less desirable leader that is about to return does not like the noise (WAR?) man makes, your new order strategizes a way to maintain peace and advance our race both intellectually and civilly.

Why would the Catholic Church not accept a mason? Maybe because the Mason's believe Enki is dead? Clearly the Catholic Church says "He Lives." Maybe they really do believe He dose. Or maybe He dose and it was necessary for Him to remove Himself from us?

This does account for the Mason's motto for the betterment of man or brotherhood, performing rituals around Lucifer (bringer of light, Enki). Maybe not because he lives, but so not to forget him and his teachings (dead or not). If you do the research, Freemasonry and the Catholic Church have VERY similar rituals.

If it was the mission of Enki/Lucifer/Jesus to prepare us, we must reach the goal He laid out for us so we may be acceptable or rulable for Enlil, correct? Enlil is in fact the Lord and is next in line to Anu.

So he may be dead or alive and well with His Father, Anu and the fact still remains that Enlil is the one returning and we need to do our best not to be obnoxious. But it would be wise to be well trained for battle. Maybe one of the reasons why so many Mason's are in the military?


Side Note: Hitler was a Catholic and recognized by the Church as a devout member to the end. Yahweh is the God of the Jews. The extermination of Enlil followers by an Enki follower?

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Religous beliefs is an ever changing thing and will probably continue to remis with their refined practises and changing ideologies, bottom line is:

1) there were extraterrestrial beings that came to Earth along time ago.

2) These beings interupted the natural evoluction of Homo Erectus and created humans to toil for them.

3) Our "Creators" pretty much taught man how to war when they involved humans in the wars they had with each other resulting in the destruction of their own first settlement, and taught humans to try to change history when someone's in the position to do so (Marduk changing the creation story to show him in a better light).

With Enlil wanting to drown humans, and Enki having a blast creating deformed humans according to ancient poems like this one:

Thus man was created to relieve the gods of their work. The gods then decide to have a feast to celebrate their new creation, and Enki and Ninmah begin to drink beer and start "to feel good inside." Ninmah boasts that she, as the goddess of birth and gestation, is the one who determines whether "the build of men" (Harps 158) turns out well or misshapen. Enki responds that he, the
clever god, can find places in society for even the most handicapped people. Ninmah molds from the clay a man with shaking hands, but Enki places him as an attendant of the king. Ninmah next makes a
blind man, but Enki makes him a singer of tales. Ninmah makes a person named "Hobbled-by-twisting-ankles," but Enki finds work for him with the metal workers (c.f. Hephaistos). Ninmah continues to make handicapped people: "a person unable to control his urine, a barren woman, a being with neither male nor female organs, and so forth, but in each case Enki was able to find a place in society for the [creature] and to ensure it a living" (Jacobsen, Treasures 114). The woman who could not give birth, for example, was found a place overseeing the weavers in "the queen's household" (Harps 161), while the sexless being was to "stand before the king" (Kramer, History Begins 109-110).

Knowing that she cannot outsmart the clever Enki, Ninmah throws down the clay in defeat. Now Enki decides to make his own misshapen being, and he challenges Ninmah to "determine / the mode of being /
of that newborn one!" (Harps 162). Enki, in a manner which is not all that clear causes a creature to be born whose name is "the-day- was-far-off." In other words, the creature is born prematurely, before its fated birthdate. This creature is also extremely deformed: "its hands, having the shakes, / could not put food / to its mouth, / the spine was crushed, / the anus closed up, / the hips were brittle, / the feet (with their) skin breaking / unable to walk the fields " (Harps 162). Ninmah tries to feed the creature some bread, but it is so weak and feeble that it cannot reach out for the loaves she offers it. It cannot sit or stand or even bend its knees. Ninmah is horrified at what Enki has made and curses him for it. The remainder of the tablet is broken, but apparently Ninmah realizes that if such unformed and deformed beings are born with any sort of regularity, people will stop worshipping her. Enki tries to appease her wrath by admitting that the deformed being "is lacking, in truth, / your work, Ninmah; [he] was born to me / incomplete" (Harps 165).

The poem ends with a song of praise for Enki's male generative powers and for his cleverness, but the story itself seems to indicate that Enki cannot make a functional being without the help of the birth goddess Ninmah. Notice how the story starts with the gods needing to work for bread and ends with a creature unable to accept bread.

Enki, what a guy. ;)

It's safe to say neither are worthy of BLIND devotion.

This shouldn't be hard to chew because it's historical fact, it's the swallowing of it that people have a problem with.

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I'd like to thank you for responding to my posts, they are very informative. No one else must be out there.

I would just like to understand the motives of those with us here and now. Rational or not, what do they intend to be the result of their efforts? I have only read 12th Planet, so maybe the other books reveal more about what the Gods intentions for our future. Like I also said (maybe in another discussion board) - I do not believe in omnipotence, omniscient (sp) or immortality. I can accept more powerful, more knowledgeable and extreme longevity. But these all inclusive, unimaginable descriptions are not real. NATURE is all there is and the concept of SUPERNATURAL, meaning exceeding or above nature, doesn't compute. Every living thing has its weaknesses and end. I am more than happy to be enlightened with evidence or sound theory otherwise, but until then I'll stick to what I know is rational.

Anyway. These Gods had/have a mission. Whether we are fully aware of it or not I don't know. As for the Bible, it was pieced together so in itself another phase to the ever changing texts. But the Mason's found something profound. Maybe revealing numerous deity’s as One. Maybe why my grandfather adamantly claims there is only One God. Either that or it's another Marduk-type claim to eliminate the Others. I can only speculate and welcome the wisdom of others.

John the Baptist? What is all of that about? What is believed to be the "effect" of Baptism? Being raised Lutheran I was baptized and confirmed. I am guessing people practice it out of mimicry. But mimicry of what? Was John the Baptist a mimic or very much the real thing? If not baptized we go to hell? Huh?

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I'm just seeking the truth.

I used to be an ordinary Catholic who often went to confession and Sunday mass because the priests warned me that if I didn't, I'd go to everlasting punishment in hell. Since my life is not that happy, my happiness is anchored on the bible and Jesus's promise of eternal life.

Then one day I read Sitchin and my Catholic beliefs are destroyed.

Now I don't know what to believe anymore. Now it seems the bible stories are all fake. Was it an Anunnaki who talked to Moses and gave him the 10 commandments? Was it really Enlil and Enki in the Garden of Eden? Was it really the Naki who saved Noah during the flood and destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah? And since Enki is the Serpent (Satan), then are we so sure there is really such a thing as Eternal Damnation? Are all these beliefs just invented by the Catholic Church?

And if half the bible (the OT) is based on Sumerian texts, how sure are we the NT is credible? Suddenly, I'm not so sure anymore who Jesus is.

Glad I'm open minded. I don't need the bible or the Catholic Church to know there is a God. It's been scientifically proven by years of research of Near Death Experiences (NDEs) that there is a beautiful afterlife and a Being of Light waiting for us there.

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 26, 2005 12:16 pm 
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Your halfway to really understanding this, once people realize nothing that man writes down should sway a person either way on the existance of "GOD".

Righteousness is so simple and obvious that once you spend time within yourself nothing can shake that.

A lot of religious people argue as if we are argueing about the same thing but most of the time it's biblical persons are argueing on a spiritual realm and people talking about what happened in our past is conversing in the physical realm.

No one is gonna come and "save" you it's within you to save yourself, if your Christian Christ is within YOU, if your Muslim Allah is within YOU, if your Jewish Yahweh is within YOU.

What we half to be careful of is we're not fooled if the Anunnaki do come back and try to play the role of our "God" and people falling for it.

Once we realize that humans live in a phyisical as well as a spiritual reality then the Anunnaki become more of a posibility and their existence fit in the phyisical realm, our experience with them is just what brought about the physical possiblity of a "GOD" in the human mind.

Per ancient text there is a hint at the Anunnaki themselves were looking to a higher power, a messenger of sorts named Galzu.

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 05, 2005 3:03 pm 

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Quote: from PsycSam on 8:06 am on April 21, 2005

"Knowing" was often a code word in the bible for sex and/or having children:<b> Gen 4:1 "And Adam KNEW Eve his wife; and she conceived and bare Cain</b>,......

Actually the resolve of who is Enki and Enlil in the Bible is more complicated than this, largely as a result of re-editings of the Bible and intertwining of numerous stories and application of new monikers for the "One God" from Moses onward.

The actual words in Gensis describing Cain's birth are more accurately "Eve gave birth to Cain with the help of the Lord", implying that Adam had nothing to do with Cain's conception and the Lord, Lord Enki, was the father. This draws question upon the story of Cain and Abel, which should be recognized has many conflicted versions across cultures, many of which do not involve Cain being the "evil murderer" of Abel.

I have an upcoming post I will put in the "Genesis Revisited" area to be entitled <b>"Enoch & The Noah Enigma"</b> which will touch on the fact that the line from Adam through Noah and the patriarchs to Christ is likely manipulated to disquise this divine involvement in inception of this line.

You need to recognize that biblical imagery has not always been constant in so far as connotation. The archtypal symbol of the "serpent" seen in Eden corrupting Eve and today deemed representative of "evil", "sin" and the incarnate Devil himself once had the opposite associations. Evidence of this is seen in the cover of an early Christian Era Bible, below, where Christ is seen represented as a serpent wrapped around his apostles:

<img src="">

Such symbolism is reasonable given the fact that the serpent was viewed as sacred in early times and a representative of resurrection and eternal life. This association is quite obviously derived from the serpent's periodically shedding skin to become anew. However these associations run deeper into the very Hebrew language itself. The Christian Creator has a metaphore as a serpent because the Hebrew words nahash ('serpent', 'wise one') and nashamah ('soul') are phonetically similar. Some extend the assocation to ancient mysteries in the Judeo-Christian religion where Maya's husband Yama, the serpent, became Yahweh the Old Testament Hebrew god who was also known as I Am or Y-Am. In ancient myth this serpent-soul became commonly depicted in the Tree of Knowledge of the Pillar of God. The Serpent and soul have cross-cultural reference that span back from Christian tradition back into ancient Egypt, Sumeria and Babylon. There are Egyptian references and depictions of a "vessel" or container involving Osiris and "Osiris's tower" which has obviously parallels to the Biblical "Tree of Life". These Egyptian deptictions show large, seeming glass vessels with serpents inside *as if* they were some sort of "light bulb" and these vessels are lodged on some sort of device. Curiously,there is an enigmatic reference in the Bible to a strange man hanging around after the Last Supper carrying ... a "vessel". (A serpent-soul jar?).

Christianity itself can be viewed as a paganization of Judiasm with a transmogriphication of a wide array of pagan imagery and ritual. The very foundation of Christianity and its birth and ultimate foothold have
inherent pagan origins and influences. Five of the Ten Commandments delivered
from Mount Sinai can be found in the <A href="" target="_blank">Egyptian Book
of the Dead</A>. <A href="" target="_blank">Psalm 104 appears to have been derived directly from the Egyptian "Hymn to Aton".</A> The term "Amen" itself is from Egyptian 'Amun-Ra' who became the "King of Gods" in the Egyptian pantheon and has his origin as a primeval deity representative of the creative force. Indeed many of the Psalms can be traced to pre-existing egyptian text. Even the term <b>"Messiah"</b> has its origins in the ancient egytian term for the sacred crocodile,who was epitomized by the god Sobek and called the <B>Messeh</B>, whose fat was used to annoint the Egyptian Pharoahs. The holiday Christmas itself is largely a pagan in origin and a compilation of many traditions.

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 16, 2005 7:45 pm 
I did a research paper on "Satan" way back in college and was convinced that for the most part "Satan" was a "made-up" figure based on pantheons of gods that always had a god of death, Sheol, hell, Alysian Fields, et al.

After reading Sitchin many times, my opinion has changed to the point that it is not Enlil or Enki that has assumed the "Satan" figure but Marduk after he assumed all the power and titles in the last battle for Earth.

The satanic vs. the One God picture here becomes less of a metaphysical one where the soul is eternally sent to bliss or torment. It is more of a struggle between servitude on Earth between a being who calls himself a god and the Elohim of the Elohim who is proclaimed as the One God.

On the subject of believing, faith should not be based on what someone has written but on the individual's experiences with God or a higher power.

To take a non-religious example, you can take for granted as an absolute fact that two plus two equals four. But unless you can experience this so-called constant and proclaim it as proof of faith, then when another can prove that two plus two can equal three or any other number, then there was no faith in existence from the git-go, merely a fact that was placed in the brain and accepted without question as unquestionable.

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 17, 2005 5:04 pm 
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Amazing! talk about synchronicity!!!
I just wrote a post re; "the missing link" that reflects your view, you should read it and critique, or add any thoughts.

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 19, 2005 10:20 am 
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Quote: from Tripp on 12:03 pm on Aug. 5, 2005
The actual words in Gensis describing Cain's birth are more accurately "Eve gave birth to Cain with the help of the Lord"......

Old Testament Hebrew Definition:
03045 yada` {yaw-dah'}
a primitive root; TWOT - 848; v
AV - know 645, known 105, knowledge 19, perceive 18, shew 17, tell 8,
wist 7, understand 7, certainly 7, acknowledge 6, acquaintance 6,
consider 6, declare 6, teach 5, misc 85; 947
1) to know
1a) (Qal)
1a1) to know
1a1a) to know, learn to know
1a1b) to perceive
1a1c) to perceive and see, find out and discern
1a1d) to discriminate, distinguish
1a1e) to know by experience
1a1f) to recognise, admit, acknowledge, confess
1a1g) to consider
1a2) to know, be acquainted with
1a3) to know (a person carnally)
1a4) to know how, be skilful in
1a5) to have knowledge, be wise
1b) (Niphal)
1b1) to be made known, be or become known, be revealed
1b2) to make oneself known
1b3) to be perceived
1b4) to be instructed
1c) (Piel) to cause to know
1d) (Poal) to cause to know
1e) (Pual)
1e1) to be known
1e2) known, one known, acquaintance (participle)
1f) (Hiphil) to make known, declare
1g) (Hophal) to be made known
1h) (Hithpael) to make oneself known, reveal oneself

According to ancient text Q'ayin/KAIN/Cain does look to be Enki's son but Enki according to ancient text did give Adamu the ability to procreate "knowledge" creating Adapa.

The Hebrew Torah coming out of the empire with the last Anunnaki ruler on Earth Marduk looks to be very significant, at least the Hebrew alphabet could have been given to man but the Torah itself gives allot of clues as to what happened in the ancient past.


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