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 Post subject: Re: The ONE god of the israelite, islam and christianity - The O
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At they have a thing that automatcally notifies you if a post is made on one of the threads that you are posting on. Could you incorporate something like that on this site. Then the people would know when a reply has been posted so that they can come back to the board to see the new post. It would be great for this site. Bill.

 Post subject: Re: The ONE god of the israelite, islam and christianity - The O
PostPosted: Thu Mar 10, 2011 9:38 pm 
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We have the notification feature. It is up to everyone to select it in their profile if they want to receive notification of additional posts on the subject.

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 Post subject: Re: The ONE god of the israelite, islam and christianity - T
PostPosted: Wed May 28, 2014 1:41 am 

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tl;dr - Ningshzidda is the Serpent of the Bible, and Jesus is his great great great great great <lotsa greats> grand-nephew and rightful heir to the Throne of Nibiru by the Law of the Seed.

My idea is this. "Elohim" simply means "The Gods". So when it says "Elohim did this" and "Elohim did that", it simply means it was an action taken in accord with council (The Twelve). "Satan", on the other hand, simply means "Adversary". So when it says "Satan did this" and "Satan did that", it simply means that one of them took action contrary to the will of the Twelve. Perhaps this was done in the one document that remained in circulation to counter the earlier practice of individual deities developing individual relationships with their followers, which ultimately lead to Marduk's accession.

A more interesting question is "Who is the Serpent?" This is a clear reference to a specific individual, who appears twice in the Christian Bible--once at the beginning, once at the end. Sitchin states that he believes the Serpent represents Enki, noting the serpent motif at Eridu, various Egyptian constructions, and so on. But I think it at least equally likely that his son, Ningshzida/Thoth, could "be" the Serpent of the Bible, both at the beginning and end.

First off, his father was known earliest for his prowess with water. EA, home of water. Represented by Aquarius on the Zodiac. But according to Sitchin's narratives. it was Ningshzida that achieved true mastery of the genome, and was instrumental in the work of actually making Enki's grand idea (us) work. In addition, he is said to have designed the Pyramids at Giza. He could easily have been behind some of the grander structures of Eridu, and thus his "markers mark" is all over the place, wherever his father held sway.

Why does this matter?

Imagine the following. Enki, Enlil, and Ninharsag all die of old age while Anu is yet in his prime, the result of living on Earth. This means the throne naturally passes to one of the following generation... but which one?

Ninurta seems the natural choice. But he was a warrior during a time when the gods warred on a regular basis. Assuming Sitchin is correct in identifying Ninurta with the Biblical "Baal", we have one recorded instance of his prophets calling upon him for proof of his power in an important showdown (with Yahwehic prophet Elija)... with no results. It's possible he'd left Earth by then, or just didn't feel like answering... but what if he fell in battle, particularly in a time chaotic enough his body wasn't available for resurrection?

His other brother, Sin, was also ambitious, though without anywhere near the clarity of lineage as Ninurta. But according to Sitchin (though I can't remember if this was in one of his nonfiction works or the Lost Book of Enki), he retired to the Sinai and died there, also of old age (IIRC). That leaves Adad, but we haven't heard from him in a long while, either.

According to Sitchin, the last time Marduk is mentioned, someone was visiting his corpse. He probably died "in captivity" as it were, as I seem to recall him getting captured by the Assyrians at least once, then passed back to Babylon--it's clear he wasn't calling the shots in his own empire, was was very likely by that point a "kept" figurehead in the court of his human supporters, analogous to the role of the Japanese Emperor during the time of the Shogunate.

And even if all of Enlil's line didn't die out, let us suppose Marduk's seizure of the "Enlilship" had more legitimacy to it than it might seem to us. I seem to recall that his mother was the daughter of Anu's rival, the one entombed on Mars. Perhaps there was a legitimacy according to the method in which the first King was established: the multigenerational intermarrying of two rival claimants to the throne (the Northern and Southern kings, in that distant past).

At any rate, with Marduk dead, succession would fall to one of his younger brothers... but which one? As I understand it, Ningshzida was next in line by birth order... but suppose Enki had a grandson, who was the child of both a son and a daughter of Enki by different mothers? Recall that Enki himself had attempted to engineer such a coup, attempting to produce an heir with his half-sister Ninharsag. That child would have been heir, despite Enlil's superior claim in his own generation. Would not such a grandchild of Enki be the True Heir to the Throne of Nibiru?

And as it turns out, there was such a grandchild, for according to Sitchin's rendering of the Adapa story, Adapa and Titi were both the children of Enki by two human mothers. Adapa and Titi then went on to have three sons: Cain, Abel, and Seth. Cain killed Abel, Seth came later, and would be heir to Adam... as well as his grandfather Enki, and therefore Anu! Seth, heir to the throne of Nibiru!

Now, of course, human lifespans being as short as they are, Seth died long before Anu ever did... but as the Bible takes great pains to record, there was a lot of begetting. As both Matthew and Luke record, Jesus was heir to Adam by two different routes, thus satisfying the Law of the Seed (and, indeed, the importance of the Seed of Eve, the Seed of Abraham, is mentioned repeatedly in the Old Testament). Jesus, human heir to the throne of Nibiru! And once again, an unhappy older brother to oppose him.

The Dragon, the Serpent, the Devil of Old, appearing out of the mists of myth and legend to contest the Throne of Heaven in the Book of Revelation. For if Ningshzida returned to Nibiru like he was supposed to (rather than hanging around fighting over Earth the way his brother and his cousins did), he could have maintained a sufficiently Nibiran lifespan to still be around then, easily.

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