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 Post subject: Re: racial origins
PostPosted: Thu Sep 24, 2015 10:16 am 

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There are many articles to read on the internet.

This is for certain. A negative blooded woman can not give birth to a positive blooded baby. Up until 19th century, these babies were dead during the pregnancy because negative blood mom's body recognizes the positive blood baby as ENEMY and attacks it with antibodies and kills it. Now modern medicine found a way to rescue the baby.

If the mom has positive blood and baby has negative blood this does not happen.

question 1; why would negative blood body recognize positive blood entity as ENEMY?

question 2: Why is it possible for scientists to produce positive artificial blood but not negative blood?

question 3: Why is negative blood mostly concentrated in Basque region in Spain and among Jews in Israel?

question 4: Why some human beings have monkey blood protein in them (positive blood) and some don't? Why monkey why not zebra to say?

question 5: Why are negative blooded people are mostly concentrated around western shores of west europe and eastern parts of iceland, england and north shores of north europe? What makes this area so special?

question 6: In the holy books one of which is Koran, it states, Adam is made from mud. Interesting enough all the indigeneous people of the world have a color of mud, soil or ground whatever you call. It is not white it is not black it is the soil color. Go to mideast or central asia or south america or eskimos or American indians. Maybe except chinese 90% of them has the soil color. Is this a coincidence?

Africans seem to be different, it seems like they are created or brought to earth to make them work in the mines.

So many questions, no definitive answers (yet).

 Post subject: Re: racial origins
PostPosted: Sat Dec 19, 2015 4:53 pm 

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Possibly different root stock? If my memory serves correctly, not all the ancient hominids were the same.

 Post subject: Re: racial origins
PostPosted: Wed Jan 20, 2016 10:33 pm 
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Sitchin claims we were black-headed and created as slaves to work in the mines and as servants in Mesopotamia.


Enki refused Enlil's request for the transfer of Primitive
Workers to Mesopotamia. Deciding to take matters into his own
hands. Enlil took the extreme step of disconnecting the communications
with the home planet: "In the "Bond Heaven-Earth' he
made a gash . . . verily did he speed to disconnect Heaven from
Earth." Then he launched an armed attack against the Land of the

The Anunnaki in the Abzu assembled the Primitive Workers in a
central compound, strengthening its walls against the coming attack.
But Enlil fashioned a marvelous weapon, the AL.A.NI ("Ax
That Produces Power") equipped with a "horn" and an "earth
splitter" that could drill through walls and earthworks. With these
weapons Enlil drove a hole through the fortifications. As the hole
widened "Primitive Workers were breaking out toward Enlil. He
eyed the Black-headed Ones in fascination."

Thereafter the Primitive Workers performed the manual tasks in both Lands: In the Land of the Mines they "bore the work and suffered
the toil"; in Mesopotamia, "with picks and spades they built
gods' houses, they built the big canal banks; food they grew for the
sustenance of the gods."

Many ancient drawings engraved on cylinder seals depicted
these Primitive Workers performing their tasks, naked as the animals
of the field (Fig. 29). Various Sumerian texts recorded this
animallike stage in human development:

Keep looking at the sky.....
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