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PostPosted: Thu Sep 16, 2004 6:04 pm 
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I dont think there will be a war after all we were seeded
here by them we are are thier children. If thier tech has advanced to what it was in the pyramid days our greedy
governments will only be too pleased to give them gold
or whatever they want.

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PostPosted: Sat May 28, 2005 6:31 pm 
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More than likely the pollution and gloal warming that we have caused will be our own undoing, causing the antarctic ice sheet to slide into the ocean yet again but at a sooner point in time compared to the last time. Our civilization may be saved through the help of Enki but there would be no way to save all 6 billion of us. Our only hope would to obatin some kind of new technology which could either be; a sheild to prevent Nibiru's gravity from affecting Earth, enough ships to hold the ice sheet in place long enough as Nibiru passes through, changing the orbit of Nibiru, or destroying Nibiru altogether.

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 14, 2005 2:16 am 
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A couple thoughts:
1. Gold is available from seawater, perhaps they've figured out how to get at it, and now it's being shuttled by the Greys, or the more human looking igigi.

2. Marduk, or his Descendants, and semi-human demi-gods, are still here; fouling things up as only his vastly more intelligent and ruthless race could, and making sure us cattle are kept confused and unenlightened.

3. Billy Meier may be a witting, or unwitting disinformant.
On the other hand, he may be some kind of contact, who cannot be allowed physical proof, due to our current celestial owners/ or, Watchers/ enforcing a quarantine.
4. All the facts about Niburu, Religion, Ancient history, and UFO's, seem to be muddled, with facts sprinkled in; like a classic disinformation campaign!

My gut feeling, is that there is a system in place, that somehow feeds off any negative, or despairing psychic energy, and is inherently evil.
There seems to be a benevolent faction that is not in physical control down here, but is waiting. perhaps using Watchers as referees. That would explain the various cattle mutilations, and abductions as simply a sampling survey, you know; making sure the ones here aren't breaking certain rules?
I think that, due to our hybrid breeding (Genesis 6;-), and intentional modifications (EA-Enki), we have a soul, and also, dormant, or recessive genes, and both have greater potential than we have commonly tapped into.
The mental or spiritual powers we may some day unleash, will make us either near equals, or perhaps superior to, some of our Overlords or Watchers. That is why the "powers that be" fill our minds, medicines, foods, and even religion with such crap.

Some, like perhaps; Adam, Jesus, Enoch, and a few select others in the past, were enlightened- either mentally, spiritually, or even occasionally physically,"lifted up" to higher realms; proving it can be done, and is allowed.
However, most are happy just to eat, do, and think, the bulls**t provided for us by our wary, wily, relentless, and unseen handlers.
Suggested reading:
"The Gods of eden" (William Bramley),
"The Book of the Damned" (Charles Fort),
"Alien agenda" (Jim Marrs)
And of course---
"The book on the Taboo against knowing who you are" (Alan Watts)

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