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PostPosted: Sat Mar 12, 2005 1:21 am 
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Strange. Anu, King of Nibiru, came to Earth on a State Visit circa 3,700 BC, which is curiously, the start of the Hebrew Calendar. Then Jesus comes along about 3,700 years later. He performs feats only an Anunnaki could do: heal, stop the wind and the waves, walk on water, and revive the dead (including himself).

Zecharia Sitchin never specifically mentioned that Jesus is an Anunnaki. But when you read his books and piece together the evidence, you'd end up with the same conclusion.

Why did this most famous prophet come to earth precisely at the time of Nibiru's passage on Earth? And stranger still, the symbol of Nibiru (planet of the crossing) is the Cross, Jesus's symbol too.

Plus, at the end of the world, as stated in the Bible's Book of Anunnaki (oops Book of Revelation I mean), the son of man will come down from the sky riding in a cloud. Does this sound like an Anunnaki riding on a hovercraft?

And to top it all, Nostradamus predicted that the End of the World is 3799 AD. Again, it fits into Nibiru's projected return. Unless the Anunnaki decide to come back in Dec 2012, yep, Christmas Day, the month the Mayan Calendar ends.

Imagine the shock of mankind when a being comes down in a cloud accompanied by a fleet of Alien Spacerafts and says he is Jesus!

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 22, 2005 5:39 pm 

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I have been of the belief that Jesus is Enki, Lucifer (bringer of light), and Satan to name only a few. He may have come and gone more than once trying to steer us in the right direction as we no doubt tend to stray - accounting for Mithra and all the other resurected Gods of the past.

Maybe Enki is the Father of all of these resurected Gods of the past and ruling through them. In otherwords sacraficing His Son's for man. That's what the Bible basically says doesn't it? Only difference is that it aknowledges Jesus as His ONLY Begotten Son. Not too sure about that. Unless the resurections are basically His Son coming and going? Anyone know how many offspring Enki had? Is Marduk an Only Begotten Son?

Anu has more than one Son clearly. Is One Son begotten and the Other not? What is meant by "Begotten?"

That may help answer our question.

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