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PostPosted: Sat Jan 04, 2003 5:37 pm 
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Why couldn't planet x return in 2003?

I believe in the idea of a Planet X from two sources of information. One
being our modern science has been looking for this planet for 2 decades
now. Dr. Harrington's NASA data on the possible location of planet x was
released in 1989. Much of the outer space probe data clearly suggests
that something is pulling the planets in a certain direction which suggest
another planet is still out there.

However, there is also ancient knowledge of this planet known to the
Sumerian culture as "Nibiru". The evidence they present which dates back
over 6,000 year ago can now be confirmed by our modern science. The
knowledge the Sumerians possessed back then can now be tested with
modern science. Since they new about all the other planets in out solar
system, it's very likely that they are correct in stating that there is another
planet in our solar system, that we have not yet detected.

Now, in all of this information, I am using NASA, Sitchin, and various other
"Confirmable" information that can be verified by other researchers. This
is a good base of knowledge to begin looking for evidence that a Planet
X does actually exist.

However, using one site such as (ZetaTalk) from one lady, channeling
alien information is not a good base to start from. ZetaTalk got "the idea"
of planet x from the research done by Zecharia Sitchin. Who clearly states
that 2003 has nothing to do with a return date for Nibiru. Anyone who
actually does their homework on the true nature of the planet x information
will quickly find that the ZetaTalk information is completely inaccurate, and
has no bearing on the real effort to locate this planet, as described by Dr.
Harrington or Zecharia Sitchin.



Review this collection of Harvard astronomical abstracts dealing with the
hypothetical Planet X, currently being looked for by (real) astronomers..



I have partnered up with a professional antiquities photographer to gain
access to the various collections of Sumerian Artifacts stored at the
Louvre Museum in Paris, and the British Museum in London. The focus of
these artifacts is to showcase the Symbology of the Sumerian culture. You
will see many depiction's of the "Annunaki" and the "Winged Disk" never
seen online before.

I have just released the 3rd set of these images which can be viewed on
the link below.

Images - [url=



Did you miss this interview? It's now available in the archives. Click on the
link below to hear information on Planet X and the Sumerian Culture.

Audio Clip -



Here are a few links regarding the "misinformation" that is circulating
online that planet x has been spotted, or even imaged. Anyone who looks
into the people claiming to be imaging planet x through zetatalk will
quickly find that there is no credibility for the people reporting these

Article - [url=


Jason]>Jason[/url] Martell

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 13, 2003 7:46 am 
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I'm with you. I don't believe it is anywhere near time yet. People are just trying to stir up interest for personal gain at present.

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 21, 2006 11:12 am 

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I am new to all this but have been facinated by what I have been reading.
I am such a skeptic. I have a lot of questions.
If the deluge was caused by Nibiru comming near the earth in approx. 10900 bc; Then it should be fairly easy to figure that Nibiru won't be back in near Earth vacinity for a long time from the present.
Enlil may have blessed mankind for their survival of the flood but one must consider the dire situation they were in. They, the Anunnaki still needed slaves.
Anu and the Nibiruan high council didn't spend 450,000 years on earth. They probably have a completely different viewpoint concerning mankind.
Earth is nothing to them other than a gold mine.
Nibiruans have already demonstrated their willingness to destroy mankind or at least let mankind be destroyed.
We are not old bowling buddys having a BBQ and a cold beer after the big flood. They tried to kill us. ALL of us.
Nibiru has made a few return trips since the flood so if they were going to finish the job they would have done so by now.
If the Anunnaki were miners and mined in South Africa for 300,000 years, where is the evidence?
I was raised in Montana and I have seen what mining can do to the environment. In a couple of decades Montana was scarred for a long time to come. There are still reclaimation projects being conducted there. One has only to look at the pit in Butte, and the dead zone near the smelters in Anaconda to see the devistation.
What would 300,000 years of tailing piles look like. It should't take too long to find the evidence of Anunnaki mining activities in South Africa. I doubt the Anunnaki were all the environmentally sensitive.
Are the Anunnaki still on Earth? If so, where are they. If not when did they go?
How much gold is produced on Earth today? Where does it all go?
Do they still require Gold?
If the Earth is a remnant of a collision between North Wind and Tiamat, and there is much gold on Earth, wouldn't it stand to reason to conclude that there is quite a bit of gold in the Astroid belt; The remnants of Tiamat?
I look forward to hearing from Y'all.

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