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PostPosted: Sun May 09, 2004 10:53 am 
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Well first and foremost my deep gratitude goes out to
Mr Zecharia Sitchin for bringing us and sharing the knowledge acquired in his life long studies without we would all still pondering the enigma of our origins.

The precessional cycle of the Earth as we have been made aware lets us all know that the timescale of our solar system is far beyond our mortal existence.

To grasp this is difficult. One has to open up his mind beyond what we were conditoned too.
We must live to understand, to have wisdom, to accept and live in our world with courage so we can improve our behaviour in it.

The rug is not being pulled from under the world but being rolled out. Give thanks to the Creator of All (Thy kingdom come Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven).

Remember if there is a Nibiru which personally I trust there is than it is already here it is part of our solar system. Our solar system is of the Sun and the Sun is of the Milky Way and in the Milky Way the designations of the precessional cycle of the Earth are pointed out. Of which we are moving out of the age of pisces into the age of aquarius. As recorded by the Sumerian peoples the Annunaki (Those who from heaven came down) are the ones who left this legacy of scientific fact.
Their existence is more in line with the aging or more appropiately the cycles of our solar system and they obviously look to the cycles of the Milky way itself. Our existence is tied to the cycles of the earth in which we are only beginning to understand.

Nibiru is out there science lets us know the perturbations in the orbits of the known planets is caused by another body of mass.

Now we must question ourselves as to why we need to know that Nibiru is outhere. Do we really need anymore validation to the Annunaki presence in the universe.

We must challenge our selves to overcome the ignorances we have become conditioned too.

The immense violence taking place on Earth must end. We must solve the unsustainable corporate struggle for energy. What has mankind become?

As it stands we can only pray the Creator of All helps us and if the Annunaki are his angels or emmisaries than perhaps we should not fear them but embrace the wisdom and guidance they could provide.

So wheres Nibiri? I suppose we should question are selves where are we and how much ignorance must we shed to become enlightened beings in the universe.

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