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PostPosted: Fri Jan 03, 2003 9:39 pm 
I have not read any of Sitchin's books, but I've read of him on the net.

Not being an astronomer, I'll try to ask my question. I understand the long eliptical orbit Nibiru is said to have. My burning question is: how long would it take for Nibiru to pass Pluto's orbit on the incoming direction, until it whips around the sun, heads on its way back out of the solar system and crosses
Pluto's orbit again? Days? Weeks? Months?

I also have this notion to bounce off you thinkers. I am intrigued by the notion that the fields that precede Nibiru interact with our planatery core and may be the source of the unexplained el Nino energy. And how it may increase as it nears. Having said that, wouldn't the worst effect on the planets as a whole be when Nibiru is whipped around the sun to almost 180 degrees. It seems to me if the answer to my first question is a short period of time, then the pulling and tugging I am guessing would happen as the direction of the orbit heads back out, would be far more direct, and almost physical in it's cataclismic effects on the tides, plates, etc.

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