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 Post subject: 12 planet questions..imccomfused
PostPosted: Fri Feb 17, 2017 5:31 am 

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Ok so we know that the annukai (nefilim) came to earth around 450, 000 BC.

So did civilization in Sumeria begin with a group of "gods"?

He mentions in the book of the gods, cross breeding with mortals also

So does this mean that some of the annukai gods that first established a settlement were having intercourse with homo-erectus or whichever version of prehistoric human beings were roaming the earth at that time? Is that why its possible that all humans are on earth but we are of different races?. Or was it that when the twelth planet crashed into earth, that organisms (such as the ones inhabiting the 12th planet ie: humans) were seeded to earth from the twelth planet?

Also I get kind of confused when he talks about the Planets and calling them by their God names? Were the planets actually Gods? Maybe I missed when he clarified this? Why are certain pklanets associated with certain annukai members or gods? Or is this just how the ancient sumerians wrote it?

I,m not finished the book yet but I feel im way past the part that would clarify this. Maybe it clarified it indirectly.

Thanks for your help and hoping to chat with all of you about this

 Post subject: Re: 12 planet questions..imccomfused
PostPosted: Wed Mar 08, 2017 7:04 pm 

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Hehe just like the most of Us, you need to read some parts of the book twice or more.
It is very difficult to comprehend all the names, gods and planets in the first reading.
Basics They came to Earth Toiled, Made a primitive worker bye inserting female homo Erectus eggs into the womb of a anunnaki female. The female homo Erectus eggs were fertilized before insertion, with Male Anunnaki seed.

The intercourse incident, where when Enki impregnated 2 worker females, an inspired some of the Younger Anunnaki to do the same.

But as i said you really need to read more of Sitchins books, to get the full perspective.

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